Working with Clients

Client Process

The consulting process and the design of an assignment are carefully tailored to meet the specific client situation. Most assignments require a balancing of the viewpoints of senior management, customers/clients, medical directors, managers/administrative directors, supervisors, and other employees. As such key aspects of the consulting process are:

1. Clearly defined scope, objectives, project plan, deliverables, and timing.
2. Pragmatic data collection intended to secure the essential information without overburdening the organization.
3. Fixed professional fee or hourly fee up to a maximum.
4. Fees billed against project milestones or monthly with the fial payment due opon acceptance of the final deliverables.

TechnoClin takes great pride in the large number of clients for whom multiple engagements have been performed. Similarly, referrals and strong recommendations from previous clients continue to be very important sources of new business. These facts reflect a commitment to developing strategies and solutions which can and will be implemented and which will achieve significant results for the client.

* * *

Project Approach and Philosophy

TechnoClin sincerely views each client’s goals, situation, and requirements as unique. There are no "standard services". Instead TechnoClin brings a wide range of processes, functional skills, and experiences to an assignment. Interviews, task forces/advisory boards, brainstorming and planning sessions, surveys, and retreats are common elements of the highly interactive consulting process. The goals of the consulting process are to achieve consensus and to develop recommendations that can and will be implemented.

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