TechnoClin Consulting, Inc. is a firm affiliate of the American Association of Healthcare Consultants (AAHC). This affiliation is important when you engage a health care consultant because it assures your organization of the highest quality service. As an AAHC affiliate, TechnoClin abides by the ethical and professional standards and professional credentialing requirements of AAHC.

TechnoClin became a member of AAHC in August 1991. David Griffin served as Chair of the Professional Development committee during 1992-93. In August 1994, he was elected to the Board of Directors and serves as Chairman during 1998-99. David attained Fellow status in 1997.

Credentialing/Demonstrated Performance

The AAHC is the only organization that credentials health care consultants through written and oral examinations and peer review. The rigorous credentialing process is designed to verify each consultant’s professional competence and performance. Certification requires that a consultant has:

  • Demonstrated competence in recognized practice areas.
  • Completed oral and written examinations, including the ACHE test or provided a waiver based on years of experience.
  • Submitted work samples for peer review.
  • Maintained a level of competence through recognized continuing education.

TechnoClin is credentialed to practice in laboratory and radiology.

Ethical and Professional Conduct

TechnoClin pledges to practice in accordance with the Association’s “Code of Professional Ethics”. The code provides that each member must:

  • Place the client’s interest ahead of her or his own and serve with competence and integrity.
  • Be impartial in judgment and avoid personal bias or prejudice.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Determine and explain professional fees in advance and accept no rebates.