Through the American Assoication of Health Care Consultants (AAHC) and other industry relationships, TechnoClin has partnered with other organizations that serve a similar client base. In such cases, TechnoClin’s specialized services complement the services offered by the partner.

Partnerships may be of several kinds, including:

  • Joint venture in which the firms are contracted jointly to deliver an integrated engagement to a client
  • Co-contract in which the firms are contracted separately but with an integrated approach
  • Sub-contract in which one firm holds the contract and the other acts as a sub-contractor with full disclosure to the client

In addition, TechnoClin has received referrals from and provided referrals to clients when there is no need for a partnership.

Firms with which TechnoClin has partnered since 1990 include:

  • Agnew Peckham (Toronto, ON)
  • Altus Planning, Inc. (Calgary, AB)
  • Arista Associates (Northbrook, IL)
  • Cape & Associates, Inc. (Mundelein, IL)
  • FLAD & Associtates (Madison, WI)
  • Karlsberger (Birmingham, AL)
  • KG Healthcare Consulting (King City, ON)
  • Kurt Salmon Associates (Atlanta, GA)
  • Morland Planning & Design, Inc. (Chicora, PA)
  • Prism Consulting Services, Inc. (Glen Ellyn, IL)
  • TriBrook/RSM McGladrey, Inc. (Chicago, IL)
  • Waymark Network (St. John, NB)